Diagonales Ascendantes

New Production 2019
Duet by day – 30 min
Premiere in May 2019 – Festival Temps Danse #3 Paris 13ème

The two dancers move into a chase game that goes from the wall to the void, from the elastic to the rope. In this three-dimensional space, the trajectories fork at any time thanks to the use of different apparatus. We follow the energetic and surprising play of the two dancers, mischievous, accomplices or rivals. Their races cross, dodge, separate then, bring back a moment the bodies in contact.

“The apparatus are composed at once of solid and soft materials. Dancer’s performance and bodies draw at once regulars, asymmetric, round and vertical lines. The work in the void will be made thanks to an object composed of a rigid bar and a flexible jump pole, ropes and elastics. Like an extension of the body, this apparatus stretches, contracts and articulates at the same time as the dancers playing.”
Fabrice Guillot