Creation 2017

Participatory production / Dance and circus
4 dancers + a group of inhabitants

Artistic Direction & Design of apparatus: Fabrice Guillot
Performers and choreographic proposals: Francisca Alvarez, Stéphane Couturas, Cybille Soulier, Nathalie Tedesco
Dramaturgy: Denis Welkenhuyzen
Technical Direction & Safety: Nicolas Grière

Project over 1 week
Duraction of the show: 45 min. - by night

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Jeux d'Echelles - Vitry 2017 Jeux d'Echelles - Paris 2017 Jeux d'Echelles - Paris 2017 Jeux d'Echelles - Vitry 2017 Jeux d'Echelles - Vitry 2017 Jeux d'Echelles - Vitry 2017 Résidence Atelier 231-mars17 Résidence Atelier 231-mars17


The collective construction is our driving force!

Dancers and circus artists of the company, along with inhabitants, will form a group sharing a playful and rigorous vertical ritual.
All the stages and gestures are the inner workings of a collective organisation where each action and individual are essential.

Why dimensioning space with ladders?
We will play on the double meaning of the word «échelle»:
- «ladder», a concrete apparatus,
- «scale» of different dimensions of the city, bodies and nature.
The tools «ladders» will be the main elements, allowing us to go beyond, to climb from the ground and to redesign the performing space.
They will be used as sculptures, sprays, hoisted to the top, by pair with a dancer, fixed to a cable, or standing in empty spaces of the performance.

Why associating inhabitants to the show?
The pleasure to take part in a collective construction is the essence of this project. All together we’ll build up this climbing with precise and fun tasks, using ladders.

Our actions will also allow inhabitants-participants to project themselves on the city, via the projection on the walls of their own live shadows during the show.

We’ll collectively redesign public space in order to question its organisation and our role in its transformation.
What is our perception of public space?
What opporutnities and limits does it represent for us?

Who becomes aware of its surrounding becomes an actor of it!

Partners: National Choreographic Centre & University of Orléans, City of Pau - MJC Berlioz, Rive Gauche in Saint Étienne-du-Rouvray, City of Bagneux, Atelier 231-CNAR in Sotteville-lès-Rouen, Espace Culturel Multimédia Le Chaplin à Mantes-la-Jolie, National Choreographic Centre in Créteil Val-de-Marne/Company Käfig artistic direction Mourad Merzouki within Accueil Studio frame, the Cité des Arts - Reunion Island.

Jeux d’Echelles receives the Funds for Initiative and Research from Arcadi Île-de-France