For a poetic crossing of the public spaces’ limits

Let’s create a vehicle that can both move on the ground and free itself from it to explore the city in a new way.

Production run in summer 2019
Trio - 50 min

Fabrice Guillot : Artistic Director
Stéphane Lemoine : Urbanist
Denis Welkenhuyzen : Associate artistic director
Olivier Penel : Technical manager
Engineer shcool INSA Lyon : Apparatus design
Stéphane Couturas, Bérangère Roussel, Cybille Soulier : dancers

Utopic exploration
La Drôle de Traversée is an invention of a vehicle that can evolve both on the ground and rise in the void. This concept crosses the questions of the nineteenth-century inventors and their utopian flying machines with those of today’s different thinkers imagining the city of tomorrow, in particular the urbanism of the movement that reflects on new urban mobility.
Vertical dance allows a new way of exploration that responds to this timeless desire for ascension. In this new conquest, Retouramont takes up an unprecedented challenge: the creation of a mobile apparatus that, by the movement of dancers and inhabitants, moves vertically and horizontally. To that end, the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées of Lyon will collaborating for the design, with the support of Stéphane Lemoine, urban architect of the movement.

An opening on the city
La Drôle de Traversée shows a movement device set in motion by 3 interpreters and a group of participants.
The advance is made by successive tilting and reversing caused by the dancers playing in the structure. It moves at a speed of 1 km/h only helped by the group cooperation.
The use of this machine shows a group focused on its action, very attentive to each other and to the global movement, one rotating while another brakes and a third takes off, while two others counterbalance each other. Between 4 and 6m high, the Funny Traversée allows one or more "passengers" to fly, glide, make steps of 4m and gradually climb to the walls.

An invitation to participate in this new journey
La Drôle de Traversée will be able to associate a group of inhabitants with its itinerancy.
Our desire is to lead the audience to discover the key places of the city that echo its functioning, perspectives, limits and flows. Our trip to the city will be a playful and poetic laboratory.