Creation 2009-2010

Urban vision

By Fabrice Guillot
Realised with the artistic complicity of Séverine Bennevault, Frédérique Béorlegui, Francisca Alvarez, Nathalie Tedesco and Olivia Cubero
Video and light creator: Pierre Galais
Music: Franck Gervais, Trio Rhea
Security manager: Nicolas Grière


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«Certain nights, these beings of stone leave their pedestal and enter into the space they gazed at for so long. Their mineral consistency softens and they slowly extricate themselves from the architecture. Under the foundations live huge caryatids, subterranean colleagues, giantesses with a body of darkness who support the architecture. They emerge from the subsoil, keep close to façades, play with volumes and finally meet for nocturnal dances. They pass, and mingle and carry one another, and create unlikely centaurs with bodies fleshed with darkness and image. Let’s, just for one moment, look through the eyes of these women, and watch the world topple, the walls jump, the horizon spin around itself. »

Caryatids Dance device or Point of view on the city

Caryatids’Dance proposes to the audience, to experiment a new relationship to its environment. The spectator will discover the place under different angles with screened images on walls and huge casted shadows.

The audience is included in the device, it recomposes by it’s glance a space represented under all its angles.

The subjective images taken by the dancers are also screened on a wall. Those images dialogue with a dance in suspension. On the ground a character uses the same wall to cast its monumental shadow. A dancer inside casts her silhouette in a window frame.

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Production : Le Manège in Mons/Belgium, Remue-Méninges/Lieux Publics – coproducer grant for writting, Centre Region : Cie Off-pOlau (Urban Arts Hub), Compa / CG Eure et Loir, Theatre of Bonneuil / Theatre of Cachan / Theatre de Charenton (Val-de-Marne), Grand Théâtre in Lorient/ Town of Port-Louis/ Castle of Clermont, (Britany), Associazione Culturale BASILICATA 1799 / Festival Citta delle Cento Scale - Rassegna Internazionale di Danza e arti performative nei Paesaggi Urbani (Italy).

Partly funded by grants to aid artistic creation from the Bureau of Music, Dance, Theatre and Performing Arts of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication; the Val-de-Marne County Council; and the Seine-Saint-Denis County Council.

Partners : Mur Mur, BEAL and PETZL.