Creation 2010-2011

Indoor choreographic piece

Frelly inspired by the Ariadne’s thread myth
Duet accompanied by a singer

By Fabrice Guillot
Assistant: Francisca Alvarez
Dancers: Magdalena Bahamondes and Stéphane Couturas
Musician and singer: Anne Garcenot
Costumes: Patricio Alejandro Luengo Rodriguez
Security manager: Nicolas Grière


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Usually, what we only remember from Ariadne is her thread which has guided Theseus in the labyrinth, she’s a watermarked character in the text, nevertheless she’s the one who explain to Thésée how and when to kill her half brother : the Minotaur. She has a total understanding of the situation and she gives all the keys to Thésée who lends her his strenght.

A brand new reading of the myth

I wish to lean on this story to give a material to a meditation on the male / feminine relationship today.

Ariadne accompanies Thésée in thought, she reconstructs the space around him, elaborates the movements which he will have to achieve in his fight. She is omnipresent on stage, her love multiplies her, carries her hero. Theseus follows the plan literally, the labyrinth spreads in front of him, the crazy progress takes place under his feet.

The myth shows us a heroe, as well we could see a puppet represented by the labyrinth which Ariadne opens to him. who is the monster in the heart of this space…?

Bodies immersed in an opened and complex space

The scenography mixs canal of light and ropes, it draws lines, opens a labyrinth which weaves the stage : it uses the height and the bottom, both sides, and the depthes of the visible and the invisible.

Dancers investigate the meanders of space, we do not know any more where is the support. Is it on the ground, on the body, on the shadow or on the rope ?

Left alone by Theseus, Dionysus is amazed by Ariadne’s beauty. Ariadne follows a masculine odyssey that starts from her brother : half animal, half human, she then meets Theseus : the heroe and finally a god : Dionysus.

Producers : National Choreographic Center of Créteil, Grand Théâtre in Lorient / La Voileries Danses in Arzon / Theatre of Hennebont-Inzinzac (Britany), Town of Bédarieux (Hérault), Espace 1789 in Saint-Ouen / Châtillon theatre, Theatre of Cachan.

Supported by Theatre of Bligny (Essonne) within the programme of artistic residencies by the Regional Office of Cultural Affairs – Ministry of Culture.

Supported by the CDC/National Biennale of Val-de-Marne (studios).

(Funded by the County council of Val de Marne, the county council of Essonne.

Logistical support of La Merise in Trappes and Marcel Rivière Institut.

Partners Mur Mur, BEAL and PETZL.