Creation 2013

Vertical dance duet - 25 minutes

This choreographic piece for two dancers is a confrontation with solid. This material can be the other one, but also the wall can be, which supports their evolution, or also the void, less palpable but as well existing, visible and concrete.

By Fabrice Guillot
Costumes: Patricio Alejandro Luengo Rodriguez
Music: Jefferson Lembeye
Security manager: Nicolas Grière


Environnement Vertical, Bures-sur-Yvette 2014 ©Luis Fernandez Environnement Vertical, Bures-sur-Yvette 2014 ©Luis Fernandez ©Marie Rouzaut ©Marie Rouzaut ©Marie Rouzaut ©E. Pietro Gabriel ©E. Pietro Gabriel ©E. Pietro Gabriel ©E. Pietro Gabriel


To embrace space, to seize it with both hands, to comprehend it totally!
We measure its heights, its bends, its landscape, we calculate its routes, its volumes, we touch its surfaces.
It is made of full and void. Dancers evolve within this space created by the relationship between what is existing and what is possible.

«No difference between being and non-being, as long as we consider them with equal intensity.» Emil Michel Cioran

At first, body extracts from the building, it becomes visible and comes off it.
It faces the solid elements that are walls, but also the other one, identical and so different.
A fun and combative struggle is taking place between architecture, void and the body searching to extract, at first with fierce will and then with vital necessity.
The body becomes light and more and more aerial. It touches weightlessness to eventually adopt it and create vivid and happy games.

Production: City of Suresnes, Theater of Cachan, Fabrique des Arts de la rue HARRI XURI - SIVOM ARTZAMENDI in Louhossoa, La Vie de Campus-University in Bordeaux, Université Sorbonne-Nouvelle, Paris 3
Supported by the County council of Val de Marne.
Sponsored by: Mur Mur, Beal & Petzl