For several years, Fabrice Guillot got absorbed in a singular choreographic writing research and developed a personal work within the company Retouramont.

Fabrice Guillot used to practice climbing as a professional, it has opened him to the infinite variety of movements arisen from the adaptation to the rock. Going through a climbing route means finding places, rhythms, inside conditions...

His choreographic writing is marked with experiences that helped him read new spaces and discover a varied and useful body language.

He met Bruno Dizien and Laura de Nercy and became interpreter in the company Roc In Lichen: Rosaniline at CNDC in Angers, at Sevilla exhibition. He accompanied Kitsou Dubois in his choreographic explorations: Gravité zéro in Bagnolet and at La Villette. He worked with several artists, especially Antoine Le Menestrel, Ingrid Temin and Geneviève Mazin.

Since he’s the Retouramont choreographer, he has opened different exploration fields in public spaces and indoor stage intimacy, natural sites, contemporary architectures or monuments from cultural heritage.

Fabrice Guillot continues his researches surrounded by an administrative and artistic team.

Artistic team : Francisca Alvarez, Severine Bennevault, Stéphane Couturas, Olivia Cubero, Fabrice Guillot, Isabelle Pinon, Bérangère Roussel, Cybille Soulier, Nathalie Tedesco.

Technical team : Nicolas Grière, Pierre Galais, Olivier Penel et Nicolas Duffoux.

Administrative team : Lucie Jacquot, Marie Rouzaut et Denis Welkenhuyzen.