Cie Alto - Autres Directions - ©TorcuatoGarcia Cie Barks - Les Idées Grises ou L'épopée du chaos Lionel Hun - cie Hybride Magdalena Bahamondes Romero - Création Arbol ©Pascal Dupoy Stéphane Couturas, cie Jamais Trop Tard Santiago Howard - cie Sudestada Marguerite Danguy des Déserts ©Michel Bammez Les Souffleurs - Commando Poétique

Residency for companies interested in verticality
We offer a 65 m2 working space composed of a studio, facilities, office (wifi access), and accomodation.
We offer technical, artistic and administrative support.
We organise work in progress presentations (less than 50 people audience).

Companies in residency :
- Anne-Claire Gonnard, "Autres Directions", cie Alto - In residency in April 2016
- Mohammed Ammar, "Solo" - In residency in February-March 2016

- Bastien Dausse & François Lemoine, "Les Idées Grises" or "L’épopée du Chaos", cie Barks - In residency in October 2015
- Nadine O’Garra, "Amour au Temps d’Ikea" - In residency in April & May 2015
- Farö Celeste Association, "Ofelia Song" (titre provisoire) - In residency in April 2015
- Lorène Clément, "O-rigins", company Lucioles en Scène - In residency in February and March 2015
- Jérémie Halter, "Oui", collectif Microfocus - In residency in January 2015

- Lionel Hun, "Trans", company Hybride - In residency in December 2014
- Zoé Micha, "Kaizen", company Ezerance - In residency from September to November 2014
- Santiago Howard, creation from company Sudestada - a journey between acrobatics and music - In residency from November 2014
- Ophélie Brunet, "Résurgences", company Les Chronophages - In residency in July and in November 2014
- Marguerite Danguy des Déserts, "Flagmen", company DDD - sculpture - dance and contemporary puppet - In residency from April to July 2014
- Magdalena Bahamondes Romero - "Arbol", company Cuerpo Libre - In residency in March 2014
- Stéphane Couturas, "Playlist", company Jamais Trop Tard - contemporary dance - In residency in February and in September 2014
- Olivier Comte, "Hamlet Attitude - Les Regardeurs", company Les Souffleurs, poetic commando - poetry - In residency in January 2014

Production of projects crossing art forms
We provide advice on projects working with verticality.
We offer technical and artistic skills on the creation of objects and elements allowing work in heights.