Creation 2015

Aerial dance show with 2 dancers-circus artists and an anthropomorphous scenography in the centre, surrounded by the audience.

This creation is supported by "Processus Cirque" from SACD


Choreograph & Aristic director: Fabrice Guillot
With the artistic collaboration of: Francisca Alvarez & Cybille Soulier
Performers: Francisca Alvarez & Cybille Soulier
External choreographic perspective: Philippe Ménard
Scenography: Fabrice Guillot & Vincent Brédif
Music creation and metallic sculpture: Vincent Brédif
Costumes: Patricio Alejandro Luengo Rodriguez
Rigger: Nicolas Grière


Chalon dans la Rue 2015 ©Pierre Soulier Chalon dans la Rue 2015 ©Pierre Soulier Chalon dans la Rue 2015 ©Pierre Soulier Chalon dans la Rue 2015 ©Pierre Soulier Chalon dans la Rue 2015 Chalon dans la Rue 2015 Villeneuve en Scène 2015 Villeneuve en Scène 2015


Mischievous and playful, the dancers grab a bunch of forking, falling, rolling metallic tubes. Under their suspensions, hangings and acrobatics, we can imagine a human being liven up. They cannot stop play together, as friends, partners or rivals.
Shattered object, are you alive?

All around the show, the spectators will feel sucked by the upward spiral of the choreography: the construction and the transformation of this place to live in.

Premiere: Chalon dans la Rue festival 2015 (IN programme)
A perfect balance!
"Look up and let yourself be transported by a poetic, light and delicate show. The dancers play with gravity. They support, play and spin meticulously. A genuine urban tale that defies physical laws. Each performer pushes its personal limits. The audience enjoys."

Stéphane Albane, Journal de Saône-et-Loire

Producers: National Choreographic Centre in Créteil (CCN)/ company Käfig - Mourad Merzouki, l’Abattoir/CNAR in Chalon-sur-Saône, Pôle National Cirque et Arts de Rue / Le Hangar - Fabrique des Arts de la Rue d’Amiens (Circus and Street Art Centre in Amiens), Briqueterie/CDC (Choreographic Centre) in Val-de-Marne, Cachan Theatre, Châtillon Theatre, Multimedia Cultural Centre Le Chaplin in Mantes-la-Jolie and Collectif 12, Fratellini Academy, City of Bagneux

The company is supported by:
County Council of Val-de-Marne, the Region of Ile-de-France (Paris and surroundings), Regional Office for Cultural Affairs of Ile-de-France, French Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Culture and Communication / DGCA, SACD "Processus cirque".

Retouramont is under a convention with the Regional Office of Cultural Affairs in the Île-de-France Region - Ministry of Culture and Communication