Verticale de Poche #1

Creation 2019
Participative show (1h outdoor, indoor)
Duet dancers-teachers

How to fly in a very long circular flight in apartment?
How to raise and play with gravity in a pocket vertical?

This is what the two dancers of “Verticale de Poche #1” try to answer in a duet which live in an auto stable appartus, weighted by spectators.

At the centre of the circle of public, the two dancers slide, fly, spin in an habitable structure only 2m50 height

This piece import just above the ground what is usually in altitude, thus, it gives to the public an original point of view extremely close to the “gravity miracle” crossed by the dancers.

A sharing time

This proposal close to the verticale dance continue with an initiation time for the group of spectators with a dance in strong relation with the architecture on the site.

Following this gravity games in spectator and in actor, the meeting ends by an exchange where each one can share his impression, his emotion.