Vertical Dance Forum

The First international Vertical Dance Laboratory

Created on Retouramont company’s initiative in 2014, the Vertical Dance Forum is an artist-driven platform composed of 7 European and International Vertical Dance companies : Il Posto (Italy), – Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre (Ireland) – Gravity & Levity (UK) – Histeria Nova (Croatia)- Aeriosa (Canada) – Retouramont (France). Vertical Dance Kate Lawrence VDKL (Wales).

The Vertical Dance Forum gathers to exchange and reflect on its practice in all its artistic, teaching and technical diversity.
Our approach aims to increase the appreciation and recognition of this art form, while respecting the safety it requires, in order to share it with everyone: artists, institutions and the public.

This is the first time that vertical dance creators have formally come together to exchange, learn from each other, work collaboratively and act collectively towards strengthening the wider vertical dance community and promoting this art form across a larger audience.

Since 2016, the Vertical Dance Forum is co-financed by Créative Europe programme of European Union (cooperation small scale 2017-2019)

Histeria Nova ©Stipe Surac

Vertical Dance in KIT from 13 to 19 May 2019

The Vertical Dance KIT will take place over a week and will offer specialists in exchange, practice, reflection and neophytes the opportunity to understand this practice.

Our objective is both to open an exchange in France between artists who practice this art form and to cross our approach with other actors, professionals – artists, theorists, researchers, urban planners architects. We will also associate cultural structures that welcome dance, circus, street arts and climbing, while continuing to address a wide audience.

During this meeting, we will propose to everyone to take possession of a “toolbox” that gives the materials to explore all the verticality of a territory and the techniques to understand vertical dance.

We will find the concept of the Kit throughout the event and in all its forms, in areas of the Val de Marne County and Paris region.

Workshops, public and participatory events, symposia and conferences, shows and public presentations, each meeting will give you a piece of the “Kit” that will constitute the vertical geography of this event.

Venues : Bibliothèque National de France –  esplanade François Mitterrand ;   La Coopérative De Rue et De Cirque (2r2c) ; La Briqueterie – CDCN Val de Marne ; Salle d’escalade HardBloc à Alfortville ; La Médiathèque d’Architecture et du Patrimoine à Charenton-Le-Pont.


This event is organized with La Coopérative De Rue et De Cirque (2r2c), as part as Festival Temps Danse #3 –,  La Bibliothèque nationale de France, la Briqueterie CDCN du Val de Marne. 

ARTCENA, Centre national des arts du cirque, de la rue et du théâtre is supporting the event “Vertical Dance KIT”.
As a communication partner of the event, it also promotes it by producing digital resources and creating multimedia files from documentation on conferences, artists and aesthetics.



July 24-30, 2017

« Open Doors » four-day creative, collaborative exploration of the public spaces of Pontio Arts and Innovation in Bangor // hosted by Vertical Dance
Kate Lawrence.

Oct 30 to Nov. 4, 2017

For the first time ever, a new kind of HUB/LAB Vertical Dance,focusing on investigation and creation was introduced in Venice // hosted by Il Posto



June 13-19, 2018

« Blank canvas » Lab : how to apprehend a vertical space? At Irish Aerial Creation Centre, Limerick, Ireland // hosted by Fidget Feet

 September 15-22, 2018

Worskshops and meetings «How to teach vertical dance in new territories», City of Zadar, Croatia // hosted by Histeria Nova



January 21-25, 2019

« Alternative Perspectives » A 3-day think-tank and practical exploration into making aerial harness work open to anyone wishing to experience it, regardless of their physical or mental disability // hosted by Gravity & Levity

May 13-20, 2019

« Vertical Dance KIT » : It gives you a “toolbox” which gives the subjects to explore all the verticality of a territory and the techniques to apprehend the vertical dance, in Paris and French Countryside « Val de Marne » // hosted by Retouramont

June 10-15, 2019

« Vancouver International Vertical Dance Summit » Conference  in Vancouver, Canada // Hosted by Aeriosa