A pioneer in the practice of vertical dance, Retouramont is recognised by the profession as the reference in its field.

The company does not stop with one discipline, it mixes different arts in a given
territory to build a singular work. The city offers them an incredible variety of
playgrounds and movement creation. It seizes its spaces and buildings in a way
that is renewed every time. From historical monuments (Saint-Eustache church, Mont-St-Michel abbey, Château de Vincennes…) to the most modern buildings (Singapore skyscrapers, high-rise residential buildings, BnF-François Mitterrand…), the company knows how to adapt to different buildings and materials.

Thanks to their expertise and their training space-place of artistic residence, the Pôle de Danse Verticale, they now advise companies who want to integrate verticality into their artistic proposals.

Since 2014, she has also been the leader of the Vertical Dance Forum, a network of 7 choreographers specialising in vertical dance in Europe and Canada. The objective: to reflect on the practice of vertical dance in order to strengthen the capacities of participants and promote the discipline to a wide audience and institutions. Thematic meetings, workshops, symposia and scientific research are conducted by the network across Europe and Canada. This project is supported by Creative Europe, a programme of the European Union (2017- 2019).

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Header photo credit: Show for Doudan’ castle 800th anniversary