Matière Noire / Se projeter sur la ville EN

Production 2022

Performance / Cultural action

A playful and prospective shared exploration

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Creation residency of Matière Noire, Bonneuil, ©Patricia Ouvry

Let us be attentive to our shadow, this ever present partner deforms itself according to the solar time or multiplies itself with the night lighting. Sometimes a conjunction between a light source and a surface creates a fascinating shadow revealing an unforeseen consequence to our presence in the world. To project oneself on the city is to open these limits that are the walls. They become immense screens to welcome the shadow of our intimate partner and invent a new narrative.

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Diagonale Ascendante EN

Creation 2019
Duet – Bungee and trajectory games – outdoor – by day – 30min
Premiere 17 May 2019 – Festival TempsDanse #3 Paris 13ème


The two dancers move into a chase game that goes from the wall to the void, from the elastic to the rope. In this three-dimensional space, the trajectories fork at any time thanks to the use of different apparatus. Continue reading “Diagonale Ascendante EN”

Hisse Émoi EN

Performance-Workshop for the public

Solo and Workshop – outdoor – by day – 4h


Hisse Émoi is a proposal that is embedded on an ascension solo by Isabelle Pinon, which shows how to let go and postures that everyone can experience during a collective hoisting.

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Danse des Cariatides EN

On tour

Quatuor – Urban Vision – outdoor – night – 45min


Some nights, these stone beings slowly extract themselves from the architecture. Under the foundations live immense caryatids that support the structure, underground sisters, giants with shadowy bodies. They come out of the basement and meet for night dances.

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