Cycle : The origines of vertical dance

First session :  apparatus experience searching for body animality
With Fabrice Guillot
Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of December 2pm to 6pm

Price : 110€ for the workshop (minus 10€ for members)

In an open three-dimensional apparatus, after an ownership time, a particular body intelligence will emerge where the movement project disappears to give way to a dance of direct and intuitive adaptation.

Verticality through the apparatus

With Olivia Cubero
3 sessions of 3 hours – 3 specific apparatuses
Saturday 15th December, 12th January, 16th February 2pm to 5pm

Price : 160€ for the workshop (Afdas possible) minus 10€ for members

Your own verticality and/or the apparatus’ verticality, which dialogue comes from this encounter? With our curiosity of movement and  common principles of direction, balance or inbalance, lever effect, volume, we will explore each apparatus’ particularity. What do we show : the verticality of suspension, a suspended verticality?

Vertical Dance on a mast!

Intermediate Level, with Isabelle Pinon
Saturday 24th of November 2pm to 6pm

Price : 60€ for the workshop (minus 10€ for members)

Discover the vertigo of vertical dance on a mast. With this apparatus, you will find new sensations!