The Company

 “Which art form gives us the capacity to free ourselves from gravity and get beyond the physical and regulatory limits in our cities?

Vertical Dance reveals the potential of urban spaces and provides us with numerous spatial opportunities. Vertical Dance carries the potential to build new relationships with other art fields and to question some social or political issues”

Fabrice Guillot, artistic director

Pioneer in Vertical Dance since 30 years, Retouramont is recognized by the worldwide profession as a reference.

The company uses furthermore the technics of Vertical Dance to mix and exchange with different artistic disciplines to create art and movement in a close relation to the given territory. The urban space offers an incredible variety of playgrounds and possible combinations. The different locations, buildings and spaces inspire Retouramont in a process of constant renewal. From protected monuments (Saint-Eustache Church in Paris, Mont-St-Michel Abbey in Brittany, Castle of Vincennes…) to the most modern buildings (Singapore skyscrapers, residential suburbian towers…), each construction provides a unique material and a new challenge.

Thanks to its expertise and venue “Le Pôle de Danse Verticale” in Charenton-Le-Pont, Retouramont now advises French and international companies who wish to include aspects of verticality in their process of artistic creation.

Since 2014, Retouramont alos acts as coordinator of the VDF – Vertical Dance Forum, a network of 7 choreographers/companies specialized in Vertical Dance in Europe and Canada. VDF aims to engage a reflection on Vertical Dance practices by promoting this art form, implementing strategies of international cooperation, and thus reinforcing the potential of Vertical Dance towards artists, institutions and an broad audience. The VDF-network organizes thematic meetings, workshops, symposiums and scientific researches across Europe and Canada. This project is co funded by Creative Europe, a programme of the European Commission (EU) during the period 2017-2019

Artistic project

Fabrice Guillot, founder and artistic director of Retouramont, explores since many years the caracteristics and potentials of Vertical Dance through reseach, creation and practical training. He thus developed a very personal style and choreographic language.

His original experience of high-level mountain climbing led to the artistic questionning of urban space. His particular relation to plastic forms and surfaces has opened an infinite diversity of movements in constant adaptation to the different forms of architecture and space. Such as a rock, the material condition of each facade, building and territory sets an enigma or a riddle that the choreographer will tame in movement and rythm to discover new paths and routes.

Fabrice Guillot’s choreographic style is marked by his versatile experience that helped to sight-read new spaces and itinararies. He first met Bruno Dizien and Laura de Nercy and became performer of the company Roc In Lichen. He also worked with Kitsou Dubois, Antoine Le Menestrel, Ingrid Temin, Geneviève Mazin and more recently with Mourad Merzouki, CCN Créteil for « Vertikal » (Biennale de Lyon, 2018).

As a choreographer, Fabrice Guillot explores physical conditions and boundaries – a rock, the face a mountain, the facade of a building, the open space between buildings etc… – that he will tends to surpass in a corporal challenge. The artistoic research also leads him   to imagine and invent new riggs, to challenge gravity and movement in the 3rd  dimension.