Matière Noire / Se projeter sur la ville EN

Production 2022

Performance / Cultural action

A playful and prospective shared exploration

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Creation residency of Matière Noire, Bonneuil, ©Patricia Ouvry

Let us be attentive to our shadow, this ever present partner deforms itself according to the solar time or multiplies itself with the night lighting. Sometimes a conjunction between a light source and a surface creates a fascinating shadow revealing an unforeseen consequence to our presence in the world. To project oneself on the city is to open these limits that are the walls. They become immense screens to welcome the shadow of our intimate partner and invent a new narrative.

A reflection to share

Today we wish to share this work with a proposal that leads us to project ourselves onto the city in both senses of the term, real and metaphorical. The presence of the dancers and the real projection of the shadow create extraordinary conjunctions to make this figure be born as a revelation in our living space. This strong image becomes a tool for our present and future understanding of the city and can thus accompany urban transitions.

L’attribut alt de cette image est vide, son nom de fichier est se-Projeter-surla-Ville-P-Ouvry-685x1024.jpg.
Ateliers Se projeter sur la ville, Bonneuil, ©Patricia Ouvry

A multi-plateform exploration

  • A short piece of the company : Matière Noire, 2022 creation, proposes a narration whose materials are the multiple transformations of this intimate partner that is the shadow.
  • Indoor workshops to work technically and precisely on the relationship to the projected shadow.
  • Restitution on the walls of the city, the shadows change scale to dialogue with the dimension of the city. The movements on the ground have a gigantic consequence to create a gestural dialogue at the scale of the building.
  • A questionning to be shared on this new interaction between us and the city which can be used as material for a reflection: how do we project ourselves on this collective project that is the city?

The restitution allows different times between initiation with the inhabitants and artistic presence (1 or 2 days) to give place to a creation of stage of the piece Matière Noire by the dancers of the compagny. The construction of the project leaves free to combine or not its various forms of explorations.

The shadow a multiform matter, often visible

Our shadow is intimate, a constant presence that we often ignore.
The dancers will implement the conditions of a conjunction between the light sources and the surfaces of the architecture to enter into a narrative of the transformations of this dark matter. The dancers are in sight, on the walls unfolds the immense consequence of their movements. The spectator perceives the fabrication whose effect on the architecture seems disproportionate, unforeseen. The shadow seems to live with gravitational laws of its own.
A reversal of the consequences emerges, is the shadow giant the source of the movement of the bodies? In any case, it becomes a new inhabitant of the city on the scale of the buildings, whose strong presence opens a new narrative.

Production and partners : A project led by Retouramont in partnership with la ville de Bonneuil, la MJC de Bonneuil, Valophis, L’Abbaye d’Arthous, la ville et la MJC de Torcy, Le Chaplin (Mantes la Jolie), La DRAC Ile de France, La Commanderie (Saint Quentin en Yvelines, la ville de Nemours.

Company subsidized by la DRAC Ile de France and le département du Val de Marne, supported by the cities of Charenton le Pont and Vitry sur Seine.