Cette Immense Intimité EN


Solo – living plastic object (indoor or outdoor, by night, 30 min)


©Jean-Michel Coubart

The body and the images are a whole: an alive and in move plastic object.

Chosing a solo asserts a singular dance. It also questions the body in suspension in connection with the wall. This performance allows to share the sensations of the dancer who’s evolving on the architecture.

With a specific technical device, we can make the dancer perception become huge, visible. Those perceptions can invade space and the choreography weaves between those new datum and the movement.

A double writing : dance and images

The images screened on the wall constitute the space of evolution of the dancer. A dance of expansion gets organised, it will be conjugated during the show with variable amplitudes, from the most interiorised to the biggest ones. The technique will allow us to create vertiginous visual zooms.

We shall make shots from above, from the front.

Those sequences will be the foundation material which will be transformed real-time with the Méta-Mallette used by Fabrice Guillot.

©Jean-Michel Coubart

An opened story, an experience in the public place for the audience

The female dancer evolves on a wall suspended on elastic, which enables on-the-spot movement, in lateral swaying and the vertical dimension. This façade wich has never recorded a step, this free space in town, invisible, is the site of a sensory and gravitational experience for spectators.

The Méta-Mallette (software developed by PUCE MUSE) provides an intimate link of causality between dance and image in the service of our «narration». Images do not create a double or a partner for the interpreter. They are born out of her sensation. She dances in the bath of her inner experience.

Producers : County council of Moselle, Dancin’Oxford Festival /England, Grand Théâtre of Lorient, Theatre of Cachan.
Logistic support MTD of Épinay-sur-Seine and Avant Rue/Friches Théâtre urbain.
Partly funded by grants to aid artistic research from the Bureau of Music, Dance, Theatre and Performing Arts of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, the county council of Val de Marne, the county council of Essonnne Support of the SACD / DMDTS writting grant «Ecrire pour la rue 2009» and SACD grant «Auteurs d’Espace Public» 2011.