Hisse Émoi

Performance-Workshop for the public

Solo and Workshop – outdoor – by day – 4h


Hisse Émoi is a proposal that is embedded on an ascension solo by Isabelle Pinon, which shows how to let go and postures that everyone can experience during a collective hoisting.

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Jeux d’Échelles

On tour

Participatory, choreographic and circus show for the public space
Quatuor and a group of inhabitants – outdoor/indoor – night – 45min


Festival Et 20 l’été Paris

Building collectively is our driving force!

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On tour

Trio for two circus-dancers and an anthropomorphic sculpture in the center of the circle of spectators
Outdoor – by day – 45 minutes

©Pierre Soulier – Chalon dans la rue

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Danse des Cariatides

On tour

Quatuor – Urban Vision – outdoor – night – 45min


Some nights, these stone beings slowly extract themselves from the architecture. Under the foundations live immense caryatids that support the structure, underground sisters, giants with shadowy bodies. They come out of the basement and meet for night dances.

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