Clairière Urbaine EN

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Quatuor – crossing spaces (outdoor, by day, 45 min)


©Festival Danse Pei

Clairière Urbaine is a dialogue from the body to the monumental. The sculpture unfurls alongside the dance, delimits the spaces occupied by the dancers, extends at a distance the supporting elements of the movement. this  visual image reconstructs perspectives that densify into sculptures in the course of the performance.

The dancers flow into the materiality of the support and its reliefs. They integrate into the architecture and find strong supports that broaden their range of movement. This integration of the site gives free rein to their desire for space, plays with the volumes of the architecture, and invents trajectories which redraw it.

“City is a space of huge density, it is like a wood weaved by multiple uses, muddled signs, regulations, codes of behaviour, mingled traffic lanes… Using this set, I create a clearing in this space using the dancers arrival: the «Urban Clearing.”

Production: Grand Theater of Lorient, Port-Louis city, Hennebont city, La cigalière of Sérignan and Bédarieux city, Theater of Cachan, County council of Val de Marne, County council of Essonne. With support from Académie Fratellini (La Plaine St-Denis, 93).