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Duet – Architectural dance (outdoor, by day, 25 min)


©ville d’Alençon – Les Échappées Belles – direction de la communication Olivier Héron

This choreographic piece for two dancers is a confrontation with the matter. This matter can be the other, but also the wall, the trunk of a tree which supports their evolution, or the void, less palpable but just as existing, visible and concrete.

At first, the body is extracted from the building, it becomes visible and detaches itself from it. It is confronted with these hard elements that are walls, but also the other, equal and so different. A playful and combative struggle settles in between architecture, the void and the body that seeks to extricate itself, first with relentless will and then with a vital necessity. The body then becomes light and more and more airy, touches weightlessness and eventually adopt it to create vivid and joyful games.

©Romain Gibier – Les Itinéraires Bis – Ville de La Riche
©Romain Gibier – Les Itinéraires Bis – Ville de La Riche

To question its environment
Our dance comes up against environment, every time rediscovered. Dancers draw lines, show spaces, create new flows… Bodies are in suspension.Choreographic movement articulates, it offers new visions to visited spaces. Aerial void is a place of circulation which opens each one’s imaginary.

Production: City of Suresnes, Theater of Cachan, Fabrique des Arts de la rue HARRI XURI – SIVOM ARTZAMENDI in Louhossoa, La Vie de Campus, University in Bordeaux, University Sorbonne-Nouvelle, Paris 3
Supported by the County council of Val de Marne.
Sponsored by: Mur Mur, Beal & Petzl